About Us

Expertise in Copyright focused on the cultural and artistic market.

We are one of the greatest names in works and businesses management involving copyrights. Almost 20 years ago, Copyrights emerged to offer to the cultural environment a high level consulting, formed by experienced, competent, specialized professionals in Copyright Law, able to generate opportunities and administrate works of musical and literary authors, publishers and artists.

Since its foundation in 1995, Copyrights became a reference in the Brazilian cultural market, with an innovating methodology, custom developed control programs and a team dedicated to conducting and assisting the legal aspects of your career.

That is why, for almost 20 years now, artists and authors of all genders, ages and highly evaluated estates have elected Copyrights - such as client Dona Ivone Lara, who receives special treatment alongside with child client Dani Flomin.


As important as investing in your own talent, is to know upon whom you can count on. Find out about Copyrights' specialists.

Our staff

Silvia Regina Dain Gandelman

Attorney-at-law graduated with the State University of Rio de Janeiro, post-graduated in Foreign Commerce and master in Cultural Assets and Social Projects with the Getulio Vargas Foundation, Silvia is the managing partner of Copyrights Consultoria Ltda. and of Dain Gandelman e Lacé Brandão Advogados Associados.

She is a member of the Consulting Board of the Brazilian Association of Information Technology and Communications Law (ABDTIC), of the Consulting Board of the National Foundation of the Infantile and Juvenile Book, of the Commission of Copyrights and Entertainment of the OAB/RJ and of the Institute of Brazilian Lawyers, where she is Secretary of the Commission of Intellectual Property Right.

Professor at the Law School of the Getulio Vargas Foundation in the courses of Corporate Law and Intellectual Property, she has also acted as an expert and technical assistant in legal processes, dealing with Computer Science, Internet, Intellectual Property in general, in addition to writing frequent opinions on Copyright Law and alike. She wrote and published several articles on Intellectual Property.


Adriana Vendramini Terra

Graduated in Law with the Cândido Mendes University, practices on the areas of Intellectual Property, consulting and agreements on Copyrights, Image Rights, Editorial, Movie and Television Rights. Adriana specialized in managing collection control of copyrights and artistic rights in all areas, including musical works; clearance and legal assistance in phonographic, theater and artistic projects and productions; trademark, image and musical works licensing, in addition to Corporate Law (companies constitution).

Laila Gandelman Kibel

Attorney-at-law graduated with the UERJ, with a MBA in Marketing with the IBMEC, founding partner of Copyrights Consultoria Ltda. With more than 12 years practicing on the area of Marketing, and in advertising agencies and video production. Laila was responsible for the Marketing department of companies on the areas of Telecommunications, Audio & Video and Finances. Lived in Canada for six years, where she acquired a wide experience in on-line and international marketing.